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Voice of the Customer


Buy THIS One

Living in a Victorian with original windows, I’ve used these type screens for 30 years. Never have I bought one that was this high quality! Amazing, solid, small details like brush strips to seal the window. I love these. So, buy this brand, by all means.

Above Expectations

I got it this week and just put it up by myself ( I am 70) in about 30 minutes and I was taking my time. It seems to be working as advertised and I will edit this and let you know about the durability when I have had it for awhile. Seems to be well made and much heavier duty than others I have seen.UPDATE: I love it more all the time. All my friends love it and even the dogs are getting used to going in and out by themselves with it.

Absolutely Perfect

This mesh screen is absolutely perfect. I leave the door open in the mornings to air out the house before the weather gets hot outside. Most especially during cooking and laundry. Installation was a breeze and instructions were straightforward. Thank you so much.

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