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Window Screens

Do I need to measure the exact dimensions of my window before I buy/install a Fenestrelle Window Screen?
Should I remove Fenestrelle Adjustable Window Screens when it rains?
Can I close my windows fully with a Fenestrelle Adjustable Window Screen in place?
What kinds of windows can Fenestrelle Adjustable Window Screens be used in?
Do Fenestrelle Adjustable Window Screens expand horizontally and vertically?
Are the window screens claw-proof?
Can I use the screen as a gate to keep my pet in?

Door Screens

Do I need to remove my Magnetic Screen Door when it rains?
Are Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Doors pet friendly?
How do I know what size screen will fit my door?
Can I alter the screen to make it fit my door?
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