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Adjustable Window Screens

Fenestrelle window screens are lightweight, durable, and attractive. High quality fiberglass mesh keeps bugs out and doesn't tear or fray. Fenestrelle window screens install in seconds and expand to fit virtually all windows. Weather stripping on the top and bottom edges creates a tight seal that blocks out insects. Its attractive white frame blends in with most windows for a sleek and seamless look!


Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh 

Highly durable

Flame and heat resistant

Keeps bugs out

Sturdy Aluminum Frame 

Durable, white frame

Seamlessly blends into most windows

Weather Stripping

Felt stripping lines edges

Creates tight seal that blocks out bugs and insects

Easy Installation

Installs in seconds

No tools required

Expands for a perfect fit

A great alternative to expensive, custom fitted window screens!


small measurements.png
medium measurements.png


*images are not to scale


large measurements.png

Size Guide

Measure your window before purchasing to ensure you get the size and fit you desire.

Installation is simple!


Step 1:
Take out your Fenestrelle Adjustable Window Screen and open your window.

Step 2:
Place the screen in the tracks of the window.

Step 3:
Expand the screen by gently sliding the two panels apart until it fits the window opening. 

Step 4:
Close the window. The weight of the window will hold the screen in place.


Make sure you remove your screen when not in use, such as when you are not home and when it rains.

As an added bonus, Fenestrelle window screens are adjustable to vertical orientation. To convert your screen to vertical, follow the instructions in this video tutorial.

Note that this step is 
not required
 for installation, but is an optional way to use your screen for an alternative size and fit.


Where to Buy

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