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Magnetic Door Screens

Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Doors are perfect for indoor/outdoor living. A convenient hands-free opening lets adults, kids, and pets move in and out with ease. Strong magnets allow for a perfect close every time. Fiberglass mesh is extremely durable. Over 2x heavier than competing nylon screens, it won't blow away or get damaged by harsh weather or heavy traffic! 


Heavy Duty Fiberglass Mesh 

Super durable

Withstands harsh weather

Flame and heat resistant


Easy Installation 

Extra wide header piece

Full frame adhesive strips

Black or white trim


Continuous Magnetic Seal 

6 feet of magnets

Secure closure, no gaps

Hands free entry & exit


Longlasting and Durable 

Ideal for pets and heavy traffic

Great for indoor/outdoor living

Lasts many seasons

High quality, durable, and convenient. Great for kids, adults, and pets!

Available for standard doors and double wide patio doors

Measure your door from frame to frame to determine which size screen is right for you.

Also available in white trim!


Single Door

Available in 2 sizes:

39" x 82" screen (fits doors up to 37" wide)

36" x 82" screen (fits doors up to 34" wide)


Double Door

Available in 1 size:

72" x 80" screen (fits doors up to 70" wide)


Pet Friendly

Easy Installation

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